The Spion

The Spion


The Spion is a rare species of lion mixed with spider.It looks like a lion with 8 legs.It can climb walls and make webbs.During the past century the creature has been thought to be extinct.Surprisingly it came back somehow.


The creature the Spion is black like the night sky.It has 8 legs exactly like a spider.It has a bulky mane like a lion.Its black legs have white tips on the end.They may come out as small but when they are older they are humongous.They are really cute and friendly around children but if they mess with them then their not they are poisonous.


These creatures can be found in forests.You’ll mainly find them wandering around.They eat meat like Deer,Bird,Antelope and stuff like that.They have really sharp teeth to munch with.Their teeth are scary do not put your hand in their mouth even if they look very friendly and harmless.If you are to close then you will be in big danger you will want to move or else you know what will happen.They mainly come out at evening and night but mainly at night rarely at evening.If your wandering around the forest at night i would be careful and keep and eye out of your surroundings.


The rain tree


On the land of Neverbelieve,Rain trees are quite rare to find they

are in the rain forest it is a very small and hard to find it is on top 

of a very large mountain only 16 people have been able to find it.

In the tree live wind birds.Wind birds like the cozyness of the tree.The Rain tree is very elegant.


The Rain tree is a very tall tree and it has red,orange,yellow

 and brown leaves just like autumn.People like how cozy it is

 the very many people whos made it to to the tree take a book to read or a notebook to draw in and sit by the tree and just relax.

It is very peaceful all you can hear is the singing of the Wind birds.If you try to reach the Rain tree i recommend you take a drink,food,a sleeping bag/something to sleep in and a mobile phone incase you get hurt and need to call someone.

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