The warrior Unicorn

Wednesday 3rd – Friday 5th November 2021

LO: I am learning to choose form and subject when writing non-fiction.

The warrior unicorn

Introduction: The Warrior Unicorn, who is a prankster, is a tricky creature to find. It has a very cute appearance but can also be extremely threatening to humankind, by releasing a bomb or two. It has even been known to release deathly bullets when most threatened. This unicorn, which can make you very confused, also has tricks up his sleeve and can prank you at any time of day. Any time war breaks out, this unicorn will team up with any side he trusts. Basically, he likes to do this just because it’s his specialty!                                                                                                   

Habitat:These warriors, battlelike and treacherous creatures which find forests and fields the best place to be. These places which help them to attack but not be seen by human kind. If they release a shell with toxic gas, it will be powerful.Another reason why they live in these areas, is because they find it the most comfortable place to live.It’s habitat smells like deceased people and gunpowder everywhere. You can actually smell debris!


Appearance: Would you be able to recognise a Warrior Unicorn if you saw one?

This unicorn is a colourful creature which likes to hide from human kind. It also likes to change the colour of it’s skin and finds it very satisfying to itself and others around.This kind of creature (which is a very rare species)is a rare creature to find, due to always camouflaging in any part of any place blending in with its surroundings and plants. These creatures, which can actually sneak on you will try to avoid the hard way to do it. Basically, it is known to the area where the people living there spot it. It is not as spotted as it is now, but it was very well heard to human ears.


Diet:This reappearing creature who likes to roam around war places,finds gunpowder the best spice to its food. Also, this majestic,magical and formidable myth can drink oil from cars and lorries and can find its food in battle areas where there are mostly wars and revenge. It basically likes to have anything that machinery ( tanks and heavy war gear) has. This unicorn(which likes to do workouts) will try it’s best to win at any kind of battle no matter what. When this unicorn eats gunpowder, it burps smoke and steam out of its mouth.


 Behaviour: This unicorn’s behaviour is basically very aggressive when getting to the point that this creature can be very angry and very powerful when he is calm. This unicorn, which can change its appearance, can make his life easier by hunting its prey. The basic thing about this creature is that it is very good at it’s job. This type of unicorn can also make itself invisible to human eyes.


 Closing paragraph These creatures, which are endangered, basically try to hide from humans. Please save these wonderful creatures. These are the most endangered species. Most of these species can get hunted down again and to make sure that it will not happen. Most of the population fears that they will be hunted down 

and people all over the world said that they are frightened as well as getting shot by hunters. Please, if you spot one when walking or exercising please do not hurt them.

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