The Weather Unicorn

The Weather Unicorn

Weirdly, the magical, unique Weather Unicorn is really rare on land but it is believed that this rare type of unicorn is more common above the enormous clouds. Surprisingly, this enchanted unicorn only visits countries when it is summer – like weather. Unfortunately, witnesses have no more information about what the Weather Unicorn does across the year as only 20 people have seen her 30 years ago.

Amazingly, this legendary unicorn has a glistening icicle as a horn that gently shimmers in the sunlight in peace. Many witnesses have been widely amazed by her colourful, fading rainbow of a long mane. Gracefully, down the Weather Unicorn’s back is a fluffy coat in candy – floss pink puffed up like a little cloud.

At the back of her thick coat is a flowing tail which flashes lightning whenever she’s in danger. When she slowly strolls through the deep, dark forest, nothing is left behind, except the trace of her sun shaped footprints created by her magical, golden hooves. Despite having golden hooves, the Weather Unicorn can also glide through the air with her soft angel wings.

Despite being able to live on land these unique creatures happen to spend most of their time living high above the fleecy clouds. However Weather Unicorns love the bright sun so a few could be found in part of central Africa as it’s really hot, which is what they like. Sometimes these unicorns have been spotted in local woods by people on family walks on the hottest day of the year.

However they like to travel a lot so they can sleep somewhere,dry, soft and sheltered, so if she’s above the clouds, a tiny cloud would do. If she’s in Africa or the woods the Weather Unicorn will make a shelter out of branches then sprinkle the inside with fresh green leaves.

Scientifically, it is believed that this impressive creature’s favourite breakfast is shredded snow, we know this because we have found 5 portions of this food. Surprisingly, these unique creatures actually have a birthday treat! Her favourite is cloudy – floss which helps to thicken her fleeced coat. However she still needs to eat her homegrown strawberries to charge up her changing colour nose that tells the weather whenever

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  1. I like the way you said your unicorn is unique

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