Tigerloth by Sebastian S

                                Tigerloth  by Sebastian S

In the isle of changle the Tigerloth is commonly found close to small villages. It eats a variety of vegetables found in farmers land. It is a large creature. It normally sleeps in long grass because it is camouflage and will not be seen by hunters trying to get there fur.

Generally, they have black fur with dashes of orange. It has long dirty claws which are used for cutting roots of there food. Its tail is long and slim. It is mainly used for scaring away predators. Also, the swirling tail threatens others. Weirdly, they grow spikes on there head. Even though sloths or tigers don’t do that.

They enjoy climbing trees, sleeping and running fast. They can make them selves very skinny so they can fit in small spaces. Unusually, there scared of loud irritating sounds. Tigerloths can have over 8 babies at a time. They do not migrate. The government say to never pet one and take it home because they are really dangerous. Moreover, never run from one always back away slowly. They can run up to 70mph.

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