The Dragopig

The dragopig is an unusual species of dragon because it flies with its trotters and doesn’t have wings. For sixty five million years it has been thought to be extinct but they were all hiding in a cave on Neverbelieve island! On the other hand now they are multiplying at a rapid pace across Scotland whilst Cop26 is happening and they are causing quite astir amongst world leaders!


At first they look like a giant black pig, but as you get closer you start to realise this isn’t your average pig. Also they have a giant snouts that black fire comes out of, four hexagonal eyes and dark crystals fresh from Darkness island. This means that they can become invisible using  the power of the crystals which makes it an excellent hunter.


These huge creatures have sharp vampire teeth which means they can slice through any type of meat. They are as tall as five double decker buses! Consequently that means that everyone can see when it’s coming. When they’re in the air they play with dragons that live in clouds. As a result of this they have allot of backup when they’re being hunted.


These dangerous creatures live in the deep depths of caves, abandoned war bunkers and the Neverbelieve rain forest because that’s where no one will find them. Dragopigs prefer the dark than the light because their four hexagonal eyes blur a little when its light. That is why they are nocturnal, however interestingly they will only eat things that come out at night like burnt turkeys, dark berries and moon flowers. The minority of people say they have seen some eating killer whales!

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