The Snow Angel

The Snow Angel.

Many people believe the statuesque Snow Angel is an angel draped in icicles. However, according to further research, it is actually a snow leopard, with large feathery wings to waft away other predators. This extremely powerful cat has a mesmerising golden halo spinning energetically above its head, which comes to use when propelling it forward to slice prey from the air with a powerful paw. Many think that these creatures are nothing but a legend, a myth, however the mystical creatures still lurk in the mountains, unseen, until it’s too late. When searching for Snow Angels, you must be wary, as many have been slaughtered by protective mothers guarding their cubs. Their phenomenal vision aids their killing techniques, when they see prey from far and wide. After that, a catastrophe is soon to follow.

Though these creatures are murderous, their impeccable, dappled fur keeps them warm as they slide flawlessly through the boulders. Their dazzling, sapphire-blue eyes shimmer and glint to attract mates. This proves that you don’t have to be strong to survive, if you have such magnetising beauty.

No-one will ever find an area with many Snow-Angels, but we do have our suspicions. Shockingly, a cluster of poisonous clouds is enveloping Mount Everest, and this is probably to protect the Snow Angels’ favourite nesting ground. Most Snow Angels live in deep, dingy dens with musty smells, as to ward off any threats. However, some royal Snow Angels will live in alcoves filled with fresh puddles and moss to keep well-insulated.

Snow Angels, surprisingly, are affectionate towards the people who live in Mongolia, and often cheer up the children by holding their plumy tails aloft and performing precarious balancing acts. Though they cannot take their cubs on rides, they enjoy soaring, majestically through the scintillating sky, and twirling around the clouds.

Due to their dense, beautiful pelts, they are extremely rare, being executed by humans to make into coats. Actually, if there were no Snow Angels, there would be no heaven, or joy in the afterlife. Every living thing would begin to fear death, and a big cloud of misery would hover over the Earth. Please protect these wonderful creatures, and show them some respect.

2 Responses to “The Snow Angel”

  1. This is a fabulous piece of persuasive writing Bella; you have created an endearing and intriguing creature which I feel quite concerned about!

  2. Wow Bella! You have used great description and very powerful words. I loved it!

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