Mytherius glanced outside of the Dragonfly’s window as the white and silver metal airship came slowly closer, she gazed at the ship glowing in the glistening sunrise like the sparkling blue ocean. She heard sparks that sounded like fireworks of the metal airship, and the engine that sounded like lightning. She smelt fuel and burning gas as a fire, caught hold, as sharp as acid. Turning and twisting to his master, Mytherius purred,”by all that ticks Jim.” It’s time. Humans before mechanical.


Chapter 1


Elegantly opening the backdoor of Olivia Oatwood’s academy for young ladies, Rose Blue peerd across the playground nobody was there besides a letter she grabbed it and went back and closed the door. She ran to Woodland lane and rested her head on a tree behind an old abandoned building. Then she started to read it. It was some dreadful news. It had said that the white and metal airship was up in flames, it had been destroyed and her father had gone missing.


At this moment at point she had heard a meow as high pitched as if a mouse had spoken and the face of Mytherius that had just come out of bushes you have been ticking a long time to get out of this ugly dreadful place.I on the other hand have been trying to escape from those dreadful people or scallywags you can call them. Rose laughed and giggled under her breath. Mytherius had said “What are you doing here?” “I was reading a letter that my dad’s missing, and his airship (his prize procession) had gone up in flames and was destroyed. She took out the old small painted clock her mother had painted. She took one look at it and put it back in her pocket.


Later that afternoon Jim was astonished to see the head of Rose Blue and the face of Mytherius talking and purring to Rose blue behind the abandoned building. (that seemed to be a church) They were talking about the noises that would come from the airship and the sparks that sounded like fireworks, glistening sunrise and the glowing ocean. Jim said ‘hello, how are you guys’.”Fine” Said Rose. She had pulled out her clock again from her raged jacket pocket (There was a ten second pause). Jim asked if that was the clock her mother had painted for her when she was little. She nodded with sadness and a tear in her eye and she put it back in her pocket. The clock was made for Rose to put on her bedside table in her bedroom as a decoration but instead she carries around with her in her regard jacket pocket “I am so very sorry Rose’ He murmured under his breath

“No, don’t apologize is fine,” Rose elegantly said.

“It’s sad and all but come on we have a job to do,” Wind me up.” Shouted Mytherius Confidently.


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