Baby dragon guide

If you have just been given a baby dragon then you need to read this guide to ensure that your dragon is kept safe and happy and lives a happy long life.

First, you will need to prepare a fire proof aviary for your dragon. It will need a place to sleep and enough space to fly around.

Next you will need hay and feathers to make a nest for your dragon.

After that you will need to fill a large metal bowl with water for your dragon to wash in.

Also, your baby dragon will need feeding fresh meat such as chicken or pork ever 3 hours to keep it from setting fire to things. Baby dragons breathe fire when they are hungry.

Later on, when your dragon grows, it will only need feeding once a week.

Your baby dragon will need training to learn how to fly and how to control its fire breathing so that it does not set fire to things.

You should follow this guidance and as a result your baby dragon will be fit and healthy and will be an enjoyable pet to own.



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