Betterburg Advert

Yes visit Betterburg


You need to visit betterburg because are you tired of being tired and bored

Kids too energetic to handle or just need some Pzazz in your life?

Well just come over to Betterburg everything is better here


You can slide into our water park and 

  • Float into our HYDRO-SPACE BALLOON
  • Customize at the curly barn 
  • Experience an new reality with our matterdisplatter 
  • Build your own auto robot for fun and you can take it


Now let’s talk about Splish splash water park

In the water park  you can swim with dolphins and hugs seals, hold axolotls tickle cod  or play in nour 0 grav rooms with swimming pools! 

You can find us in area 15 in LasVegas. It’ll be better when you come to Betterburg. 


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