Chapter 1


Isla stared out of the silver window.She kept on purring and scratching at the window as the golden air-ship flew closer and closer.It was shining so bright in the distance like a star shining in the night sky!She saw some silver spears poking out of the side.She was scared because she didn’t know what it was doing outside of the abandoned house.

Chapter 1:

Emmie was really confused.She didn’t know why the air-ship was there.Isla was really scared because she’s a cat that doesn’t like noise.She curled up beside Emmie purring and scratching.In the middle of the night and went to see what was going on.




One Response to “Chapter 1”

  1. 1. I like the emotion
    2. What was the airship called?
    3. To make it even better, you could use some more adjectives.

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