Cogheart 2 SWW

As she heard a unpleasant grinding sound, the other ship’s harpoon grazed the airship’s main engines. She ran; her paws getting sore. Speedily, she ran past a porthole. Shocked, she saw the other ship’s harpoons sharpened knives ready for battle.​ Wincing, Selena heard a unpleasant grinding sound as the other ship’s harpoon grazed the airship’s engines as she ran. Speedily she ran past a porthole where she caught sight of the ships name Dark Leariat.​​ As she ran through the twisting corridors she sprinted through miles of burning ship. She reached the main control pit, and said, ” Linda I will give all my cogs and gears if you just abandon ship with me!” Linda replied, “Selena what are you doing you mischievous mechanimal pushing me of our shipp?”

Chapter 1
Poking at the golden, oak door, Aria Kenning and Lily Hartman peered out of the keyhole as they broke into a sprint across the playground of Saint Andrews School for Naughty Girls. Aria cowared when they passed a camera even though it wasn’t on! Aria jumped when Lily slyly climbed up the old, bendy beech tree. By now Aria was nearly crying with despair. Lily shouted,”Come on then this was your idea!”
“I’m coming…” As Aria gingerly reached out to step onto the black brick wall, Gwendolyn Higginbottom pointed in fury at them. “Its Lily Heartman and her sidekick!” In fright at Gwen’s shouting Aria slipped and fell onto Lily and they toppled into a heap of leaves . Darting out the pile, Aria and Lily heard the shouting of the headmistress Beyonca Higginbottom (Gwendolyn Higginbottom’s Mum) . As they approached the deserted park, Aria reached into the depths of her pocket and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper. This she had received in the post a week ago and Lily had longed to see it . She said, “letters are always bad news”.

It read,
Dear Aria, I know you will have realised by now… If you are reading this letter then I am probably dead. But let us not dwell on that I have Important news. Protect the past it will guide your path.
Your dearest Mother ( well your only mother) Linda.
” Is it possible that my mother mean’t her bracelet she always said it had powers to see into the past the only thing is I do not know is where it is…. ”

At that moment Selena poked her fluffy ears and she purred in relief when she saw Aria “Lily, this is Selena my mothers mechanimal”
“A cat?”
“Pleased to meet you Lily heartman”
“Call me Lily”
“Selena do you have any idea where my mums pearl bracelet is?
“I believe it is residing in Black horse manor I am afraid that if it is not there I have no idea.”
“Now I do believe that I need a good old windup”

Her burned fur still smelt strongly of smoke as they made way to the Antique shop where according to Lily (her old friend lived there.) Cautiously stepping a musty, damp smell hit them, old paintings of long forgotten kings and queens. Climbing over piles of books Lily, Aria somehow felt they were being watch they both. A boy about their age peered around a bend at the back of the shop “Lily” he shouted!
“I haven’t seen you in age’s Robert!”
“So what’s up this time”
“Aria’s mum is missing and her mothers last words to her were protect the past it will guide your path”
“very strange indeed”
“which is why we need your help!”
“I’m in!”

“Robert, Aria, Lily we need to focus we need to take a steam train to Shienberry village. Aria’s home was on the very border between Shienberry village and Turnberry village on a hill.
” Why do we have to go now”Robert moaned “Before some clock-minded thief decides to lay there grubby paws on the bracelet” Selena barked.

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