Devil Mask …..


Maya Thompson age 14 was invited to one of the most popular party’s a masquerade party she ran so tell her best friend Leo she saw him down the whole she ran as fast as Usain Bolt she told him the news and then she headed to her science class

Chapter 1
One normal winters day Maya Thompson was on her way to school five minutes later she got to school but something was off she walked through the hall she reached her locker she opened the locker and there it was …
A Beautiful Mask she lifted the mask and held it in the light it glittered so bright she pinched herself to know she wasn’t dreaming and she thought to herself who put it there ?

One Response to “Devil Mask …..”

  1. I like it how you gave some suspension saying she held it in the light and it glittered.How is the mask designed? You could use some full stops and different pronouns.

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