fun island

Fun island

Do you and your family want a nice family trip? If you do, then come to fun island and enjoy yourself.

Are you and your kids ever bored laying around in your house? If you do want to come, then you can have a nice time with your family while you have a nice meal and drink together. Also there is a ball pit and a slide for your kids to go on while you relax. If your kids get bored there, then next door there is a party. But the best thing of all it is 5star

Get surprised by swimming with the dancing dolphins in the hot and sunny weather.

Be amazed by surfing on wiggly waves also you get a new surfing bored to try out.

Go on a calming walk through the fun forest.

Come rock climbing indoors so you don’t get hot.

Admire the wonderful theme park.

Wonder at the music museum.

Your children will have hours of fun learning how to swim or swim with the dancing dolphins. You

Will: also you will

  • get to dance with the dolphins every hour;
  • use our free wetsuits that are water proof;
  • feed these amazing creatures their sardines;
  • learn about the dolphins and were they live what they eat and what they do;
  • swim with these beautiful creatures.


Fun island is the place you want to go you won’t regret it there I promise! Buy one get one free offer on all slushies. Buy tickets online for only 10 pounds offer ends soon.

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