#Gold Brick City#Where Your Dreams Come True.

Are you longing for some YOU time? Do you want a six-week-holiday in the middle of April? Do  you need a long hard break? Well, if you do, come visit Gold-Brick-City, AKA, GB city where all of your dreams become your reality. Also, come before March 20 for a 50% discount on food and souvenirs.


Things you can do when you arrive on Gold-Brick-City:


-Swim with dolphins,


-Go to an exotic beach


-Eat at 5 star restaurants


-Go on an underground train and discover Gold,Silver and Bronze.


-Go to Zumbagus Zoo, feed the animals, touch them, and stay over night in the Lions cave.


-Stay in a Tropical Villa right beside the sandy beach.


-Go on a tour of the little city in a private jet.


-Go sky-diving over the sunset dock


-Have dinner at our own version of the RITZ, the ZITIR!!!


-Meet new, lovely people


-On Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays, whatever you purchase is now free!


-Go to a theme park where you can have the time of your life, and have a ride in the clouds.


-For your stay, you can choose what car you’d like to have, and the good thing is, if you come before March 20, it’s FREE!


-Your Tropical villa will have 4 rooms so the whole family can come along too!


-Swim in an infinity pool


-Sleep under the twinkling twilight sky.


Just remember, that if you come before March 20, you get a 50% discount on Food, clothes, and any other purchases. If you’d like further information, come to our website, wich was Come to Gold-Brick Tropical City, where all of your Dreams become your reality.

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