Golfy Polly

Visit Golfy Polly Island


That’s right,visit Golfy Polly Island and you’ll never believe what excitement you’ll get from your family! 


Is your family ever miserable on the weekends when there is nothing to do? Do you ever wish to do something fun? Why not visit Golfy Polly Island and enter Heaven? Lots of Joy for all the


  •  L.E.D lights flicker in the gloomy pool at night,
  • Golf plugs as christmas trees,
  • Winter Wonderland rides

On Golfy Polly land Kids will get free orders and as much food they can have.

On the Golf Buffet,all families get challenged to see how much food they can eat within twenty minutes.


  •  Underground train that takes you to Maple city
  •  Get to watch the view of Golf manier 
  •  Sleep on a waterbed with warm water
  •  Get to have a private movie theatre
  • Hiking on Mount Everest

Ride on Gibbs Aquada boat

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