How to Care for a Baby Dragon

Has a baby dragon fallen into your hands? Are you wondering how you`re going to take care of it? Well push those worries away! Follow these simple steps and make every second magical!


What you need:

Fireproof bedding, a comfy saddle, a bowl of raw meat/beef, a large garage and plenty of water with a dose of sugar in it.


What to do:

First, heat the fireproof bedding and place in a sheltered corner so he won`t wriggle and he will get to bed easier.


Next, pour 4 liters of sugar water in a cooking pot and add an extra dose of sugar. As a result, your dragon will end up as a friendly beast.


Then, place the pot of water through a large gap in the corner and throw the meat in the cage otherwise he may eat you first!


Also, fetch some paint to colour your dragons’ room so he will think he`s in his natural habitat.


After that, show your dragon his new home and let him get comfy, this means that he will get used t you and your voice.


Later on, flop your saddle on your dragons back and have a wild ride. This causes his wings to grow full size.


Finally play some Katy Perry in the back round so, he can calm down when mad or angry.


Dragons are tricky pets but turn out fantastic creatures. If you give them a special jab when they are young they are able to stay child size for about 2 years. But if you don`t they will outgrow any house and will have to be set free into the wild. The only exception for this is, if you are lucky he may return on your special 50th birthday.

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