How to look after a baby dragon.

Have you just being given a baby dragon to look after?Are you wondering how you are gonna take care of such a fragile creature?Fear not.If you read these informative instructions you will be able to appreciate your adorable,loving,pet as you watch it heighten proudly.

What you need: A condo,a diet,an average amount of food, a litter of water and three snacks a day. Also, plenty of  loving caring kindness.

What to do.

First,create a cosy enough place so that it does not go ill in this kind of weather.Make sure, it is comfortable with it’s place and surroundings. Next, create a cosy place so that it does not go ill in this kind of weather. Make sure, it is comfortable with it’s surroundings.

Next, provide enough rocks and food for your dragon so that it is pleased with its meal so that it does not bolt out and get itself into the risk of being lost or even captured.

Then, treat it nicely and talk to it until it gets bored and wants to do something else. This might be shown by a nudge or a pinch at your shoulder.

Also, provide love because dragons usually are in need of some liquid to drink. For the food, give them rocks because they usually want this due to its texture.

After that, make sure your pet is lively and it is fit and strong. Before you search up what they like to do outside here is the answer, they like to burn trees so provide an area where no one can get injured.

Later on, spend time with your baby dragon and give it toys to play with.

Finally, play some music to cheer your pet up. If you are lucky, it might dance.

These creatures can overgrow any house so make sure you set it free. It might be a sad moment but you will get over it, don’t worry!

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