How to look after a baby dragon

How to look after a baby dragon


Have you been given a baby dragon to look after? Are you worried that it will burn you out of your home? Fear no more! This handy set of instructions has everything you need to look after your extraordinary pet.


         You will need:                     Method:

  • 100,000 ml of water
  • Dopiaza curry paste     1. Firstly, make sure that you
  • A dozen handfuls of     have a spacious dome for 

       leaves                         your dragon to fly around in 

  • Seedless grapes         as not doing this may result 
  • 1 apple per day           in burning.
  • A spacious dome
  • A radio                        2. Then, go to the forest and 
  • Sanex shower gel       make haste in collecting a 

                                        dozen handfuls of leaves for

                                        your pet’s bed, because a                   

                                        good nights sleep results in a 

                                        kind dragon.


  1. After that, prepare a feast including seedless grapes, a dopiaza curry paste and one apple per day. Don’t forget 100,000 ml of water-dragons often get thirsty!


  1. Next, lure your dragon to the bathroom using more grapes and once there, pop your pet in the bath and lather it in Sanex shower gel to keep it nice and clean.


  1. Finally, take your dragon to it’s dome and tuck it into bed. Meanwhile, play the radio quietly to ensure that your pet gets a good night’s sleep. Repeat the next day and enjoy looking after your pet.
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