How to look after a baby dragon by Lillah at Woodborough

Do you want to know how to look after your baby dragon? Have you wondered how on earth you will manage? Don’t worry. Follow this step by step guide on how to get your dragon big, strong and healthy.

You will need:an enclosed space;warm blankets;lots of food and cold water and finally lots of love and comfort.

First, you will need to find an enclosed space that protects the dragon from any kinds of extreme heat this means that your dragons scales will not shrivel up and rot.

After that,find your dragon some food it likes. This will result with a happy dragon and no burning buildings or forests at all.

Next, get a warm blanket for your dragon to have a nap on after all of its food. This will mean that your dragon will not be sick and will sleep well after eating.

Then, give your dragon plenty of water therefore its ferocious flaming breath will not cause any accidents or more burnt down buildings.

Also, make sure you give it lots of love and comfort as it will get extremely jealous of any other pets you have got.

Before bed, feed your dragon more food as it will otherwise not sleep well and will not be very healthy and energetic.

Finally, put your dragon to bed but make sure it is at sunset because otherwise it will go crazy and will not sleep at all!

As you can see, dragons are brilliant pets but grow to be strong ferocious and fierce at some point. If they are causing fires you will have to release your dragon or it will cause damage to the world. Dragons are fierce creatures but if you treat them well you should be sure to see it again.

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