How To Look After A Baby Elf

Have you just been given a baby elf for Christmas? Do you not know how to look after one? Well shrink those worries down! With these instructions you will get a happy h’elf’y elf and double presents at Christmas!


What you need: Napoleon cake house, sugar paper blanket, gelatine, chocolate,

sponge, toffee glue and plenty of water.



First, spread the toffee glue onto the Napoleon cake house liberally so that it is nice and sturdy and does not collapse.


Next, cut the sponge into a square shape as the mattress since elves like sticky stuff.


Then, pour the water carefully into a small toy tub because even though they like squishy materials, they need to be clean in the morning.


Also, sculpt the gelatine into a bouncy house so that your elf is entertained whilst you are busy, because elves need a lot of attention.


Later on, heat up the sugar blanket so that it’s nice and warm on cold nights.


Finally, make sure that your elf is comfy and cozy. This causes extra presents on Christmas and can conclude to them breeding.


Elves make wonderful pets and you can keep them provided you treat them correctly, but if you don’t then your elf will try to escape and that’s when you have to let it go.

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