How to look after a baby elf

How to look after  a baby elf 


Have you  just been given a baby elf  to look  after ? Are you  wondering how  on  such  a precious creature ? fear not . read  these instructions and you will be able to enjoy your pet and have the pleasure of watching him develop healthily.


What you need

If you have not got any sleep then I have got your back. I am your handy instructions on all you need to know. You will need a hammock, food, a swimming pool, water, chocolate and plenty of kindness.


First, your new elf is probably scared so let it in slowly.

Next, let your elf calm down and get it a bed and a blanket so he can sleep and calm down.

Then, go over and give him a fishing rod as it likes to go fishing.

Also, some elfs like to live outside and you need to give it 5 meals a day.

After that, make sure your garden can not be accessed by any dogs or cats.

Later on, before they go to bed give it warm milk and cookies.

Finally, if your elf is not going to bed then play some music and it will slowly go to sleep.

Your elf will try to break your house that means it is ready to go back to the wild. But it will make a tunnel to your house to his family.


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