How to look after a baby Evilcorn

How to look after an Evil unicorn

Have you just been gifted an Evilcorn? Are you frightened? Please don’t. Take time to read these fantastic instructions, so you can figure out how to love and watch this imaginable creature grow. If you don’t, you will 110% regret it.

What you need:

Human heart ice cream, lava, rotten flesh, luscious blankets, feather soft pillows, lava bowl, mini volcano decorations, yellow dead grass, food bowl, milk and a heart full of loving kindness.

First, build the best den you can think of so that your unicorn can get rest. It will need an outside space to run around, as well as a shaded area.

Next, to decorate this marvelous space, you need  soft blankets and pillows, but they will also need stuff like mini volcanos around the room to make it feel like home. I also recommend anything with volcanos and lava.

After that, you need to remember to take your Evilcorn on long walks because even though they’ll have the space outside, they need a change of scenery a lot.

Then tame your unicorn so she wont bite you and then it will develop quicker. I think that you don’t want to be bitten, do you? So in the long run its better to make sure you know all your unicorns’ personal needs.

Later on, have a dance party, since they love dancing so much. Be sure to turn the volume up high also have a ****** with her.

Also, make sure to have zero cats and chocolate frogs around, otherwise they will go crazy mad for it.  This is very important information as cats are common house pets.

Finally, when it come to 8:00 they like to be lef6t in peace because it’s darker by then, although be sure to tuck it in inside not outside because it will be way to cold for her. Make sure to not go back in until any time in the morning, or they will be vicious the next day.

Be careful though, for Evilcorns grow especially at the age of 3 years old. By this time they will need a stable and a huge field, however if this is not done or their  mum will come up to you and rip you up into pieces.

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  1. Very good but what does the * mean

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