How to look after a baby goblin

How to look after a baby goblin 


Have you just been given a green baby goblin to look after? Are you wondering how you are going tomahage to take good care of a baby goblin? Read these instructions and then you will be able to have a calm pet. And watch it develop healthily.


What you need:


You need a fluffy bed for your goblin, some mossy logs, a flower pit  in The clouds on the floor, a fish pond with bubbles, clods, water, scor walls, with a soft fluffy blanket on a swing.

You need to have that stuff so they are racist and ready to lision.    


What to do:


First,create an enclosed space where your goblin will be happy and your pet won’t escape.

Next, provide a soft blanket for the goblin to be warm.

Then, play the Radio quietly so your goblin can go to sleep.,

Also, provide some fish and water for the food.

After that, stroke  your goblin softly  so it doesn’t get lonely.

Later on, make the time to play with you goblin or they might run away.

Finally, carm you pet goblin down so it can go slowly to sleep in a happy mood.


But sadly your pet needs to be let into the wild and if your pet has been tacencerof it will come back sometimes and see you so you need to be a wonderful oner.

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