How to look after a fire unicorn

How to look after a fire unicorn

Do you struggle to take care of your fire unicorn? This information will help you to take care of this magical, enchanted, and unique unicorn.

What you need

-magma 100 degrees

-BBQ set for burnt BBQ

-burnt cake as a treat

-lava from a volcano

-shower water 100 degrees

-space as big as a hokey pitch

-burnt cars for it to play with

What to do

First, purchase a BBQ set to make burnt food so your fire unicorn is calm, and find a cake and burn it so you make a relationship with it.

Next, search for some magma and make sure it is hot. As soon as you find the magma, you need to make a bed out of the magma  and put a duvet on so then your unicorn can be cozy when it goes to sleep.

After, find a volcano and you need as much  lava as you can get. Put it in a cup four your unicorn to drink so it isn’t thirsty.

Afterwards, buy cars and burn them, so it can play with them. But don’t burn them to much or the cars will melt.

Later on, build a shower so that you can turn the water to 100 degrees for the unicorn to clean it self.

Finally, make space the size of a hokey pitch so the unicorn can exercise.


If your unicorn is angry it will shoot fire beams, the way to stop it is calming it down by stroking it. Have fun.

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