How to look after a Goofy – Goblin by Amelia from Woodborough

Your saw this cute, hilarious looking creature sat at the back of the pet shop, got so attached that you didn’t want to leave it, adopted it, took it home and then had a sudden moment of realisation. What is this thing? How do I look after it? Well, if that’s the case I’m sure this guide to how to look after a Goofy – Goblin will come in handy!

What you need:

*Colourful wallpaper

*A small cozy space

*Green Vegetables

*Pack of Jokey like Jokes cards

*Set of 445445 exercise needles

What to do:

First, create an enclosed space with many bright colours nearby, this will help with the Goblins learning in the future because they are born in dark areas where no colour can be seen.

Next, make sure to provide lots of food and water for your Goblin, their favourites are broccoli and broad bean mix and cucumber, celeriac or cabbage juice. It is important to know that any food in red, purple, blue, brown and pink are poisonous to Goofy Goblins and could lead to serious situations.

Also, Goofy Goblins like to laugh at almost everything so don’t be surprised if the most serious thing you have ever said gets laughed at. It is in their genes to laugh and smile and scientists have discovered that they are just trying to be kind.

Then, remember to take your Goblin into a nearby field so they can run off their energy whilst having a brilliant time as well.

After that, keep your pet entertained by playing its favourite game, Jokey-Like Jokes about Goofy Goblins, they will enjoy this so much that every time it is played they will present you with a gift of their favourite object. It is said that it makes them feel happy so the reason they give you a gift is so you can be happy with them.

Finally, make sure you have enough time for your pet otherwise they will feel left out and become very antisocial with humans and other Goofy Goblins.

Overall these creatures are very fun and happy creatures who will love to live with anybody. They have a kind heart and will stay by your side for life. They aim to be very easy in life and fit around every schedule. Many people love this species of Goblin for their joy in all situations.

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