How to look after a Hunter Unicorn

How to look after a Hunter Unicorn

Have you ever raised a Hunter Unicorn or even seen one? These are five easy steps on how to take care of a Hunter Unicorn.

What you need

-raw fish

-deep cave

-small lake

-animal blood

-space as big as forest

What to do

First find a deep cave and lay some bedrock your unicorn has somewhere to sleep and rest.

Next,purchase raw fish from the supermarket if they are sold out go to a river and find some.

Then in his cave make sure it is a large space as big Sherwood Forest so he can run around.

After make sure to bath him in a lake so he is not dirty and full of mud so then he won’t get his bed dirty.

Finally give him animal blood and nothing else but afterwards he might not want to drink animal blood sometimes he drinks water.


If u do not do this he will set the world on fire.


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