How to look after a laser unicorn

How to look after a laser Unicorn

Have you ever looked after a laser Unicorn? And don’t know how then here are some instructions on how to look after him.

What you need:

.a bucket of lava

.some leaves

.a dead fox

.a dead mouse

.a dead cat


.100 gallons of Dr Pepper



Firstly,purchase a shotgun so that you can kill the fox,mouse and cat and when you give him one he will think you are worthy.

Next retrieve a bucket of lava and a bunch of leaves but before you can do anything with them pour the lava and leaves into a bathtub and mix it up for his bed.

After that, locate the rain forest so he has space to run around and get exercise and play.

Then, detect the holes volcano in the UK for his soap Cole from the volcano for his bath.

Finally, retrieve a drink of 10,000 gallons of Dr Pepper.

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