How to look after a nature unicorn

How to look after a nature unicorn

Where to keep it

First:you will need to find and clear a space in your house or you might be better off having it in the garden with shelter.


Next: you must get the hose and special nature unicorn shampoo/Conditioner get the unicorn drenched then add a product (shampoo/conditioner)


Thirdly: you never dry the nature unicorn because their power is they can do anything they want so they have the fun trying to find one of their powers to dry themselves with.


Nature unicorns love every fresh food so everything given to the unicorns must be FRESH FOOD NO SHOP BOUGHT.

BED (yay)

To get the unicorn to sleep it has to be taken for a ride of a walk through nature them it shall be as easy as ever to get it to bed


Hope this is very helpful BYE!!!!!!!!!

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