How to look after a nature unicorn

How to look after a nature unicorn

Have you ever looked after a nature unicorn? Well if you haven’t I have got some simple instructions that you can follow.

What you need

-smooth leaves

-green apples

-orange juice


-plastic leaves

-space as big as a field

-water at 10 degrees

What to do

First, find some leaves and green apples so that your unicorn can trust you because these are her favourite snacks.

Next, purchase some plastic leaves and sticks so that you can make a bed.

Then, pile them on top of each over because the nature unicorn usually lives in nature.

After, that, in order to keep your nature unicorn clean make her a bath at 10 degrees since all nature unicorn’s can’t stand too cold or too hot.

Afterwords, make your unicorn a drink from the orange juice unicorn so your unicorn is not thirsty.

After, go to the biggest field you can find so your unicorn can run around because your unicorn always needs a big exercise.

Finally, your unicorn should be tired out so carry her to bed and say good night.


If you don’t do all these things the nature unicorn will turn everyone into trees.

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