How to look after a pet dragon

How to look after a pet dragon

Firstly, you will have to find a spacious, cosy place for your pet dragon to sleep but make sure that there are no holes for it to escape.

Next, you will have to find food that your dragon likes, which can consist of beef, bacon, pork, sausages and lamb.

Furthermore, you will have to give it the flowing, shiny, silver water from the River Mythical. Dragons need to drink lots of water every day to stay healthy.

Also, you will have to let your dragon fly and explore outside everyday so that it is fit and healthy.Dragons also love to go on long walks to exercise their legs.

Lastly, dragons love story’s, so when it goes to bed, every night, always remember to read it a bedtime story. A popular book for dragons is Room on the Broom.

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