How to look after a Pokemon! (an Eeveee)

How to look after a Pokemon! (an Eevee) 

An Eevee is a very rare Pokemon to find. If you do find one you will need to know how to look after it. Read these instructions for all you need to know about what they eat, how they evolve and where and when they sleep.

What you need:

Berries to feed it, lots of patience and a soft pet bed.

What to do:

First, try and get to know your Eevee so that Eevee can get used to you since most Eevees evolve into Umbreon. Also, it is a very strong Pokemon with so much potential which means you should train it well.

Next, if you want your Eevee to evolve into Sylveon, feed it with berries since Rotom Dex clarified that feeding Eevee berries has a very high chance of evolving it. This is important because it will make Eevee stronger and give Eevee lots of different powers such as fire-blast.

Later on, play with it so it’s stamina will be high when battling other Pokemon. Eevve enjoys exploring forests as this is where Eevees are born.

Finally, put your Eevee to sleep in a soft pet bed once they become sleepy in the evenings. (usually around 7pm)

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