How to look after a river unicorn

How to take care of a River Unicorn

Have you received a River Unicorn? Then these instructions are just for you.

What you need

-the space of a school ground

-a cosy blanket

-a jug of water

-fish smelling shampoo

-the water at 0 degrees

-apples and bananas

-freezing water

-Unicorn flakes and candy

What to do

First, buy unicorn flakes and candy for it to relax and it can become your friend.

Then, find the space of a school ground so it can run around and exercise its self.

After that, find a blanket and then pour water on it so it is wet as this will make him calm.

After, purchase apples and bananas for its diet so it can live healthy.

Finally, pour freezing water into a jug for it to drink and to chill out.


If you do not follow these steps carefully it will change you into a river.


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