How To Look After A Turtle-Back Monkdeer

How To Look After A Turtle-Back Monkdeer

First, give your Monkdeer a lovely forest looking home with a massive bowl of perfect purple lavander. The Monkdeer likes to eat a lot of lavander and a nice nature home is a compliment to its habitat.

Then, stroke your Monkdeer before bed so that it will get to sleep properly but if you stroke it to much it will maybe give you a scratch to the eye, but it is quite harmless to you and any animals.

Except frogs, and if you think the frogs are scared of the Monkdeer well… your absolutley wrong the Monkdeer hate frogs, if you put a frog in its habitat your Monkdeer will probably wreck your home so, it is best not to bring a frog in your house.

After that, you should give it some special milk from a deamons sink you should reguarly give it the milk otherwise you will have an ear-spliting head ache from the Monkdeers very loud high pitch scream it is so loud that it could make your ears bleed.

Finally, to make your Monkdeer very happy you should give it love and care if you don’t it will be awfully sad and it may even start to cry so make sure to take care of your Monkdeer because it is a very rare species.

Take care of your Monkdeers people!

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