How to look after your Baby Dragon by Fin from Woodborough

First, get a blanket and a pillow for you baby dragon so it is comfy.

Next, provide a bowl of cold, fresh water with ice and a bowl of mashed up beef and pork.

Then, buy your baby dragon some toys balls; chew toys, teddy bears and tug ropes be great.

Also, remember if you don’t do any of these steps, your baby dragon could get mad and burn your house down but the chances of this a very little.

After that, play with your dragon and entertain it. It loves to watch movies, it favourite movies are: Petes Dragon, Dragon Heart and How To Train Your Dragon.

Later on, get some hula hoops, hold them in the air and if your lucky your dragon will fly through the hoops.

Finally, make sure you always have a fire extinguisher just in case things get out of hand!

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