How to look after your baby unicorn

How to look after a baby unicorn:

Have you just been given a baby unicorn to look after? Are you wondering how on earth you will manage to take good care of such a precious creature? Fear not. Read the instructions and you will be able to enjoy your pet and have the pleasure of watching it develop healthily.


What you need: living quarters, a soft blanket, shade, water bowl, edible flowers, grass and leaves and plenty of kindness.


What to do:

First, create a room for your unicorn so it can’t get in danger.

Next, give your unicorn a pillow and items that will make them cozy, relaxed and give them some food like flowers, leaves.

Then, sing to your unicorn because they will remember and love human contact.

Also, make sure your unicorn needs lots of chew toys so your unicorn doesn’t wreck the room.

After that, you need to make sure you take your unicorn outside to get exercise daily.

Later on, you have to make time to play with your unicorn angry and become vicious.

Finally, do a dance with your pet and put the radio on bbc kiss or bbc heart. 


Unicorns make amazing pets but if you are always busy then you’re not the best owner for a baby unicorn. For unicorn owners, I know it is sad but at some point you have to release them in the wild. If they truly love you they will return by themselves.

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