How to look after your chinch-unicorn. Theodore Year 6

Is your Chinch bothering you or do you forget how to look after it? Maybe it is having problems? Read this page on its daily schedule. If your Chinch is still acting strange, call a specialist at 98765434567890 today.
First, enter its -2℃ bedroom and rapidly and gently tap on the head until it wakes up.
Next, gently carry it to your kitchen with both arms, one supporting the head, the other supporting the end of its spine.
Then, feed it one slice of BROWN bread and 0.004 L of water.
Also, brush its fangs at 8:30 AM and dip it in its flowerpot for a bath.
After that, take it on its daily 0.0002-mile walk around the garden.
Then, spend the afternoon playing with it.
Later on, feed it its dinner ( it does not have lunch as its stomach is small) which should be 2 grams of tomato at 5 PM.
Finally, put it to sleep at 6 PM then enjoy the rest of your evening.

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