How to make a garden house for your Dragon

  1. First cut a cardboard square that is 25cm x 25cm. Put this to one side for now as this will be the base for the house to sit on
  2. Next get a tissue box which is square in shape. The hole is the entrance for the dragon to get into the house.
  3. Cut a rectangle piece of card that is 22cm x 12cm. This will be the roof, you need to fold the card every 5.5cm to make a peak.
  4. Paint the tissue box and the roof a colour of your choice.
  5. Wait for the paint to dry and then stick the roof to the tissue box overlapping two sides so you have a small peak.
  6. Then stick the tissue box to the cardboard square that you cut out at the beginning for your base.
  7. Now cut a small bit of bubble wrap that is 6cm x 9cm and this can be used as a path. Paint it brown and stick it on the base in front of the entrance.
  8. Next get some green tissue paper, rip pieces of tissue paper up into scrunched pieces and glue them to the cardboard. This makes it look like grass.
  9. Then later on draw two windows on white paper that are 4cm x 4cm. Draw a line using a ruler at 2cm to make a cross on the window.  Stick these to the side of the house.
  10. After that draw tiles on the roof with a black pen.
  11. Finally add some decoration to the grass and the house, like flowers and lady bugs.
  12. The last thing to do is get some cotton wool and put it in the house to make a bed for the baby dragon to sleep on.
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