How to take care for your baby unicorn

Have you just been given a spectacular unicorn and don’t know how to look after it. Well you’re luck. Just listen to me and I will help you massively.

What you need: Barn, edible flowers, fresh water, bed, comfortable blanket most important love.

What to do:

First, construct a cozy barn so it shall create not create any attraction or fuss.

Next, decorate your unicorns enclosure with rainbow paint, glitter and rainbow bay and a soft bed for when you’re unicorn wants a well deserved break.

Then, it’s time for the food you need flowers and fresh. When you have tamed the creature it will settle in nicely.

Also, you need to shower the unicorn because with all of that hay and glitter it will be stuck in the fluffy unicorns hair. And if you choose not to the unicorn will absolutely stink

After that, communicate with the one horned beast and gently pet the beloved unicorn and then it will play with you until they choose not to.

Finally, when you have finished all challenges sing a lullaby and now you have a pet unicorn.

Leo Woodborough


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