How to take care of a baby Ice Dragon

Have you ever been presented with an Ice Dragon before? Do you want to be a smart carer of an Ice Dragon? Freeze your worries! If you don’t know how to care for a baby Dragon just follow these simple steps and you will be an expert of `How to look after a baby dragon`. Make your Dragon healthy and happy, and you will be excited as well!



What you need:

  • A thin cloth
  • A just melted Ice Cube water
  • Snow-flake Pies
  • A blue lead
  • Stuffings
  • Snowdrop seeds




First, lay the thin cloth down in a large space for the Ice Dragon to sleep on since all Dragons need wide spaces.


Next, Pour the just melted Ice Cube water into a mini bowl so that your Ice Dragon could have a nice drink.


Also fetch the Snowflake Pie and freeze it in the fridge. Then slip it next to the Dragon’s Water bowl. As a Result, your Dragon will be able to Breath out Ice flames.


Then, place the Stuffings in the other room for the Dragon to play on. WARNING: This means sometimes your Dragon will make a mess with the stuffings.


After that, plant about 20 snowdrops in the flowerbed because Ice Dragons love white flowers that grow in winter.


Later on, take the blue lead and click/hang it around your pet’s neck and go for a walk. If not, your dragon may become unhealthy and get sick.


4 years later… Let go the dragon to the shivery forest at winter as Ice Dragons belong to a place called `Ice forest`. This might be a sad day but one day they will return as they never forget people who have treated them carefully




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