How to take care of a fluffy unicorn

How to take care of a fluffy unicorn                          

Have you ever had a pet Fluffy Unicorn or have you ever seen one?These steps will help you take care of this rare , enchanting and lovely unicorn.It should hopefully make it easier as well.

What you will need

-land of grass




-spaghetti bolognese



-strawberry milk




-space size as school playground

-fluff soap

-water 25 degrees Celsius

-strawberry and banana milkshake

What to do

First, purchase fruit loops and raspberries from any supermarket so that you can build up a bond and they will feel comfortable around you.

Next,search for some space as it can run around but make sure it’s the size of a school playground.

Also buy food for lunch and dinner so for that you will need veg, spaghetti bolognese,hay and grass.

Then,find for its bath fluff soap and make sure the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius at 7:45pm.

Before,collecting things for its bath make sure it’s exercised it needs 1hour and a half running around and after the bath read to it for 15 minutes to calm it down.

Finally,the unicorn drinks strawberry milk, ice cold water and strawberry and banana blended together with milk.


If not followed properly your unicorn will hate you and if you try talk to it they will just roll there eyes.

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