How to take care of your new Elephant

How to look after your new Elephant

Have you thought about adopting an Elephant? If so, read these instructions and you will know how to take really good care of your Elephant.

What you need: 

Pool, food, a big room and a large amount of water.

What to do: 

First, create a giant room in your house and decorate it with safari wallpaper so he or she feels at home.

Next, provide your Elephant with roots, grasses, fruit and bark. Make sure that you have a pool so that you can easily wash your elephant.

Then, make sure you have a good amount of space to run around otherwise your Elephant might destroy your furniture.

Also, play lots with your Elephant or else he or she might chase you all around your house when they become bored.

After that, make sure your have done all the above and move onto this final step. This is the most important step. You absolutely need to check that your Elephant’s temperature is not too hot or not too cold. It has to be just right or else they might die of heat or coldness. The elephant’s proper temperature is 36 degrees Celsius.

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