How to take care of your pet Dementor

How to take care of your pet Dementor

Is your little bundle of darkness acting up, follow this carefully instructed guide to make sure that your Dementor is living in complete comfort. I guarantee that by the end of this guide you will know how to properly take care of your little soul sucker. As a warning never let your face be too close to your Dementor’s as it will take the opportunity to suck your soul.

The first step to make sure your Dementor is feeling at home in your house is to make sure that it has a dark, shady and cool place to sleep as it detests being in any sort of light and prefers the cold over warmth.

Secondly, make sure you never give your Dementor any human food as it does not gain sustenance from human food. In place of human food you should be regularly be providing it with animal corpses that it can suck souls from as we are talking about providing your Dementor  there  is no need to give it water as it does not require liquids to survive.

Next, make sure you are spending lots of time with it so you can strengthen your bond with it which will also make it likely that the untimely event of it sucking your soul occurs. After you think you have spent enough time with it you can even give it a name but on a side note make sure you don’t try and do this to soon as if it still doesn’t accept you it will kill you. Now re-visiting spending time with your Dementor here as some places you could take it are a graveyard a how to perform a seyonce workshop or how to mummify a living human.



This is the guide of how to take care of your Dementor By J S

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