Ice Cream Slopes

Ice Cream Slopes Park


This park is a perfect place for you to relax, sit down and have fun!

Do you want your children to stop staring at their device? Are you tired and long for a perfect holiday? Isn’t it time for you to start having fun? Why not come to Ice Cream Slopes and have an adventure you’ll never forget?


Gaze at Marvellous Mint Choc Chip Ride.

Be Dazzled by Igloo’s Ice Inn.

Stare in awe at Penguin’s Toy Shop.

Adore Cosy Cabins

At Ice Cream Slopes, learn to ski and try a new hobby!

  • Use our finest equipment – Ski goggles and more;
  • Try our indoor ski lodge as we coach you into using our latest advanced new skis;
  • Our beginner course is safe for -5 to try, our peaks are highly safe;
  • Our advanced club has extra safety bars to try at our outside course;

At Ice Cream Slopes, we have the finest technology to- Safety Skis- and our highly cosy course. Most of our visitors go on our website:  to give us a rating . “The most fascinating ski course,” said Alexa Rivers, Ski legend.

There is also a free code: ICECREAM to get 50% of all souvenirs at Penguin’s Toy shop. There is also close parking near our rides.

Be astonished by our delicious ice cream, wonder at the Cosy Cabins, be excited by our photo pick up.

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