Incredible fun island

Incredible fun island

Would you like to visit any marvellous island for a holiday? Who would turn down 2 weeks of fun for only £50? Do you like the sound of that? If you do come down to Incredible fun island!


Where all kids will come off electronics without being told. With water parks with long water slides with twists and twirls. Who would turn down this offer?


With cafes and restaurants where kids eat free and adults only eat for £10 per meal. And arcades for children to have fun with friends and family. Each game is 10p for 3 turns.


Take a trip to the beautiful site of the beach. Be relaxed while you kids play in the turquoise sea with the fish and look for rocks in the rock pools.


Or come down to the spa you can have a massage, fish biting off dead skin on your feet, or a licenced chiropractor come crack some of your bones. Why would people turn down getting bones cracked?


Or take your kids to our kid’s club with food and drinks with a football pitch outside to play with people and make friends. And you can have 2 hours by yourself.

Loads of kids have said “I loved the kid’s club and the arcades I made loads of new friends.” And some adults said “I went to the spa and my back and neck felt relieved and my feet are so smooth now I fully recommend coming to the spa.”


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