Instructions for looking after a baby dragon

Instructions to looking after a baby dragon


Have you just found an abandoned dragon egg? Do you know how to look after one? Then follow these steps to become a dragon master.


First make sure you have the room heated before you put the egg/baby in there and make it fireproof because dragons sneeze a lot as babies which means fire.


Next you should feed it at least 5kg of meat a day but be careful to not give them any cooked meat because it is poisonous to baby dragons and can kill them.


After that build a nest out of rocks because dragons find them very comfortable and if you

want to put them to sleep give them a carrot which has a substance that make them tired.


When your dragon is about 4 foot high then it needs to be realised because it has hit its tens and needs to learn how to survive on its own. But if the dragon comes back to you, it means you have become its family and will not want to leave you. It will still go back into the wild because it knows it belongs there but will always come back to you.


But if it doesn’t, it is because you might off not given it as much care as you should of or you’ve not given it a very heated room.


Well, that’s it for instructions for looking after baby dragons.

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