Laughter Land!

Laughter Land

Yes, visit Laughter Land cry your eyes out with laughter!

Are your children always on a screen? Do you wish something exiting would happen to you? Why not take a trip to Laughter Land and have the experience of a life time?

You’ll never forget the fantastic fun for all ages that we have to offer.

Be amazed at Adventure Island.

Grin at the Giggling Gorillas.

Marvel at the Majestic Moon Lake.

Dine in Dolly’s Dinosaur Café.

Rave about the Rock and Roll Rickety Hut.

At the Funny Funfair, you and your children will have hours of fun on the hilarious rides. They will:

  • ride the Risky Rollercoaster and swirl upside-down;
  • watch ridiculous boxing matches in the Clown Boxing Arena;
  • swim in our swimming pool, the only pool made completely out of jelly;
  • be taught the importance of laughter and fun by our Giggling Gorillas.


The Funny Funfair is beyond your dreams. Many people are now having much happier lives, since learning that life is about fun from our Gorillas. “I laughed my socks off!” Exclaimed Lady Jane, who is now a famous comedian. (Thanks to us!)

There is always a collection of shops at each attraction: including the Clown Supermarket and Happy Hippos Hairdressers, as well as wonderful cafes, restaurants and car parks.

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