locket star prolog and chapter 1

Justus gazed out of the reindeer​ window as the simmering air ship edged closer. Whirling harpoons grazed the side of the air ship as it glinted in the sunlight. He sensed the fire as smoke filled his artificial lungs feeling like he is choking. Justus purred “John I might not have a real heart but all my cogs want you to live.

Chapter 1
Nudging the fence of Have-Good Academy, Arthur Hemsworth scanned the playground for the familiar willow tree; within a few seconds he found his target. Nobody was in sight so he ran at the speed of a car and scrambled up the willow. Before he got to the top he heard the bell for breaktime, at the top he saw the teacher” oh no” he said. So he jumped then fell into a pile of leaves then pulled out a crumpled peace of paper.

Once again he pulled out the letter and read the devastating news. His mother Lily Hemsworth went missing in a air ship crash. Her last words had been so weird; reach for the stars; days flew by with him lain awake in his dorm wondering what it could of meant. If she could be alive.

As Arthur moped behind the bush she saw the bush rustle then something tickled he ankle then a snout poked out of the bush then Justus appeared and purred “you took all the ticks in the world give me a wind up please” I’ve used a lot of energy escaping from the scallywags” that was the first time Arthur had smiled in a long time as he turned the key. Justus gave a soothing purr as he had more energy. His amber skin was smoking but appeared from that he had been un touched.

that dusk, Lilly was shocked to see Justus and Arthur standing in chain ally behind the bakery” It’s obviously your mothers star locket” she said. Arthur drooped his head and nodded sadly the locket was something his mother gave to him and he laid awake many night staring at the picture that laid in side. A painted Jack Russel ran as fast as it could in the park but the memory of his mother stung “sorry” muttered Lilly looking down.

“she’s right” yapped Justus no time to waste talking. We will need to take a wagon back to braconbrige manor and begin the search for the locket so those scallywags don’t take it.

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