Looking after a water unicorn

Looking after a water unicorn 

Do you want to look after a water unicorn? here are 4 steps to make it easy to look after .

What you need


-ice cream

-5 degrees water

-space the size of a cricket club

-water unicorn soap

What to do 

First,buy Frosties and milk for you water unicorn to eat and drink because it’s his favourite food.

Next, find space the size of a cricket club so you unicorn can exercise and play.

After that wash you unicorn with water unicorn soap and 1 degrees water . You will need to scrub his feet with water unicorn soap and use 1 quarter of the the soap on the rest of his body .

Finnally find sticks,leaves and pillows for you unicorns bed. You unicorn will make its own bed so give it a couple of minutes add water to you unicorns bed and he will be happy 


If not followed correctly he will spray poisonous water at you. Have fun

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