Magic box-SWW-Winnie

Timber peered out of the window of Sky Hawk looking at the bombed street of London. He trotted back to the deck of the airships wondering when the ship would fall to the ground. ‘The cogs were broken’ Timber whispered. Timber tried to find John Hartman, his master, but the broken cogs made the airship tip to its side. He saw the cockpit clearly now but no sign of John. The noise of bombs falling on the houses and the villages ringed in his ears. ‘Timber’ John called from the cockpit. ‘Where are you?’ He still couldn’t see him but he sensed that he was somewhere close. Timber could recognize Johns smell. It smelt like grease and fuel. Turning to his leader, Timber barked ‘We’ve got to get out of here before all the ticks run out.’ ‘Mechanimals before humans.’ John shouted ‘We’ve got to get out of here’.

Chapter 1
Lurking behind a tree in Oakland Orphanage, Lily Hartman ensured nobody saw her. Running as fast as she could, Lily hurled herself up a lamp post. She reached for the wall that imprisoned all of the children. She moved her foot to a grove in the wall. She moved her other foot to the wall. Lily was slipping! Her nails griped onto the wall like her life depended on it. The door opened and heavy footprints from high heels was loud. Someone was coming! She moved her feet up the wall before the teacher saw her. Lily moved her right foot on the top of the wall. Her hands were over the wall now, just one more push and she’d be up. She pushed herself up for the last time and she was over. Just in time!

Falling to the ground Lily carefully unraveled the letter that was written by her father’s co-pilot Mister Higgins. A tear fell down Lily’s cheek. Even though she had read it a thousand times before it still brought a tear to her eyes. It said that John Hartman has gone missing and assumed dead. His last words were, ‘keep the rhythm going’. Lily still didn’t understand what it meant but she was eager to find out. There was a rustle of the bins.

It was Timber. ‘Why are you here?’ Lily asked.
‘Your father sent me’ Timber said, ‘ We need to get your mother’s music box.’
‘Why?’ Lily asked
‘The world depends on it!!!’ His dark fur was covered in leaves and rotten food from the bin. ‘ You took long to get out that dreaded school.’ He moaned. ‘I thought you had grown to like it’. His tail was between his legs and his neck drooped from the cold. ‘Wind me up why don’t you. I’ve been running from those scallywag’s all day.’

Robert was surprised to see Timber and Lily. They never came to Pinchers Alley at the back of Townsend’s but they weren’t there to get a clock fixed. They where there to see if Robert had a clue of were her mother music box was. ‘Lily, Timber why are you here?’ He said, puzzled.
‘To see if you know where the my mother’s music box is’.
‘The last time I saw it is when your dad took it here to fix. He took it back to Brackenbridge Manor for your mother a few years ago’. He replied ‘I’m sorry’ He said. Before the music box was broken it sat on Lily’s bed side table in her room while she watched the ballerina spin.

‘We’ve got to get the next steam train Brackenbridge Manor so we can stop those pesky rap scallywags getting there dirty paws on that antique music box,’ exclaimed Timber.

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