magical island

Visit magical Island

Who wants to come to our amazing resort in magical island where it’s full of colours?

Who wouldn’t want to visit magical Island? This unbelievable island can be used by lots of families and friends. Why not come to this resort on the weekend when you have nothing to do? Would you like your children to get off their computer games and see the magical world outside? Have a one in a lifetime experience at our wonderful resort.


Be amazed by hiking up black rock.

Admire ocean world by swimming with dolphins.

Be astonished by dragon theme park.

Be surprised golden cave were your dreams come true.

Be flabbergasted at a magical walk in the forest.

Be shocked at skiing while watching the sunset.


When skiing on our slopes while watching the sunset your children and you will have hours of fun sledding. They will:

  • get coached by a professional.
  • learn to go up to 40 mph while going down the slopes.
  • get to eat and drink at the café on the top of the slopes.
  • wear our warm provided clothes to ski down the humongous slopes.
  • use our provided equipment to help ski.
  • Use the new sledges to go skiing.

Sunset skiing is where all the magic begins and all your dreams come true.

When you get here if you are too lazy to walk up the slopes there is an elevator and stairs. The elevator leads up into the cafe were if you book early you will get a discount. Also, sunset slopes are really easy to find.


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